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The Idea - Borremose Ungdomsskole - Project Work - The Programme - Quotes

The Idea

The idea of the exchange with Denmark is to encourage both Danish and German students to use English as their main means of communication. Because both sides need to make an effort in order to communicate with each other they can overcome their initial reluctance to use the foreign language actively in real life situations.




The second important objective of the project is to provide the students with opportunities to gather new experiences across cultures by getting to know new customs and ways of life. The German students in Denmark experience a completely new way of living and working together of teachers and students in the school. Apart from that they are offered various excursions into the surrounding countryside and towns.


Apart from the educational activities the students are also invited to have a good time together. An evening of bowling and a farewell-party, for example, can bring them even closer together and offer yet more opportunities for them to talk and enjoy themselves...





Borremose Ungdomsskole

Borremose Ungdomsskole (engl. Borremose Youth School) is a secondary school for youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18. There are only about 100 students in six classes of grades 8, 9 and 10.

Because the Danish school system divides students into different educational careers at quite late a stage, all students who leave the school with a certifcate after 9th or 10th grade have the opportunity to go on to do their A-levels or to start qualifications for a job.

It is quite common in Denmark for this kind of school to be set out as a boarding school. Many students appreciate the opportunity to live away from parents for two years and thus gain more independence and enjoy living together with young people of the same age.


Borremose Ungdomsskole is a private Protestant school for which fees must be paid. The government offers grants for those unable to pay the whole sum.

Project Work

The German students stay at Borremose Ungdomsskole during a week which is dedicated to project work. The students are engaged in different group activities. This year the "international class", for example, had to create an English travel guide about Denmark together with the students from Markgraf-Ludwig-Gymnasium. Phases in which the students worked in the school alternated with excursions into the northern part of Juteland and as far up as Skagen to provide them with material for their guides.

On the last day of their stay the students had to present their products (travel guides in the shape of brochures, posters or power point presentations) to a semi-official audience. A jury decided which presentation was the best and most appealing and attractive prizes were given to the winners.




The Programme

This was the programme of this year's stay in Denmark (5th to 12th October 2007):

Friday to Sunday

  • stay in huts on a campsite near Limfjord

  • first round of project work in binational groups (exploring an island in the Fjord, visiting a farm etc.)


  • morning: get started for the main project work in groups

  • afternoon: excursion to Rebbild Baker (national park and memorial place for Danish emigrants to America)

  • evening: bowling in Aars



  • morning: continuation of group work

  •  afternoon: visit to Aalborg






  • Tagesausflug zum Nordseemuseum in Hirtshals und weiter an die Nordspitze Dänemarks, nach Skagen.





  • final phase of the project work and presentation of results

  • evening: Farewell-Party





  • prizes for the best group work

  • Good-byes




Quotes from students

Here are some comments from participants of the 2007 exchange

"My English has improved. It was an opportunity to meet new people and experience a new and different way of life."

"I have made new friends. It was worth it because I have always wanted to know what it is like to live in a school."

"It was good for my English, because now I speak it without thinking twice and I have become more fluent."

"Danish people have a very cool kind of humour and are very easy-going. They make you laugh the whole time and are always ready for a bit of fun. It is nice to talk to them..."



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